The colors of Puglia

Puglia is a triumph of colors, aromas, flavors and stories. Stories that it is impossible not to tell and from which to remain enchanted so that they stick to the heart and no longer abandon it. I like to think that Puglia was born from the palette of an artist with its warm and intense colors. Of all the senses, that of sight was the most tickled and most astonished.

Puglia thanks to its continuous contamination, the exchange between different traditions, customs and habits is a strong and proud region of its origins, its history, its lush nature and its historical and culinary beauties.

Puglia is a land where you can live a unique experience , not only for its sea, its villages, its rural and modern reality, for its castles and cathedrals, for its food and wine, but especially for its authenticity and perfection.


White is one of the primary colors of Puglia, there are entire cities of this color, especially in the Valle d’Itria and among all these dominates ALBEROBELLO. A magical place of extraordinary uniqueness.

These are the trulli, white houses with a gray cone-shaped roof , to compose one of the most incredible landscape mosaics. You must visit the Monti  area in the historic center, where the most ancient trulli are located. Via Monte San Michele  offers some of the best preserved buildings and dominates the district of  the church of Sant’Antonio , also with its particular shape of trullo that makes it a unique religious building in the world. Many of these houses are decorated with lime drawings, on the tiles, which make them different from each other and hide mystical and particular stories.

Dedicated to this color are also some boutique hotels including “CANNE BIANCHE” located in Torre Canne di Fasano in the province of Brindisi. When you cross the threshold of this place so exclusive you can feel a special, warm, intimate and enveloping atmosphere. A place that evokes in a modern key the charm of the ancient rural villages of Puglia and the radiance from the Mediterranean.

Three are definitely the factors that will hit you. The attention to detail perceived in the furnishings, in the arrangement of the rooms and in the large garden with swimming pool. You will be speechless because of the proximity of the sea ; 20 meters will separate you from this gift of nature that will give its best from sunrise to sunset. And finally, from breakfast to dinner you will be conquered by the kitchen that constantly oscillates between tradition and innovation with flashes of great creativity.


The first two “green” that come to my mind thinking of Puglia are the color of olives and olive trees and the energetic “green”. And in this journey thanks to a great synergy the green has really dominated. I reached Puglia on the new RENAULT Captur, attentive to fuel consumption and emissions (allows savings of up to 12% in terms of fuel usage), very comfortable to drive and very glamorous.

And the Twizy by Renault , two-seater electric and zero-impact, were also the super-ecological vehicle with which I visited THE PARK OF DUNE COSTIERE . In my company there were For Play  and the  Serapia cooperative who showed me every corner of this natural and human wonder by telling them the secrets and every particularity.

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