What to see in Venice of particular

If you visit Venice for the first time there are high-light that you can not absolutely miss, the enchantment of the lagoon, glimpses and buildings made famous and immortalized in the films of the films. For a classic stroll around the city, I refer you to an article in the Expedia Discover magazine , with some practical suggestions. For your second time in the city, however, I have some tips to rediscover it and relive it under new points of view.

Walking for miles I’m lost in the streets and canals discovering the authenticity of the Venetian step by step.

See the sunset in Venice from the Fondamenta delle Zattere

Located at the southern edge of the city of Venice, this foundation (sidewalk section that runs along a canal) is entirely exposed to the south and therefore very sunny. Especially in spring, but not only, it is here that the few Venetians still in the city are still walking.

The Fondamenta delle Zattere is quiet and livable, there are many bars and clubs in the area with tables outside, perfect spots to sit and wait for the sunset enjoying the view of the canal between the passing boats, perhaps sipping the famous aperitif cult of Venice: the Spritz.

On the other side of the homonymous canal is the Giudecca island, once full of vegetable gardens and gardens, today it is an enchanting place to visit, where few tourists venture, who knows why.

“Here it is easy to fall in love with Venice, when the warm lights of the sunset create unique and original atmospheres”.

Here’s how to get to the Fondamenta delle Zattere with Google Map .

A Venice to explore

More than a city, Venice will seem like a labyrinth. Easy to get lost in the narrow streets and canals but in doing so you will discover corners never mentioned in tourist guides, photogenic panoramas waiting to be seen and experienced.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Venice is the first and therefore the oldest ghetto in the world: in 2016 the Jewish Ghetto celebrated its 500th anniversary. Deviating through secondary alleyways, away from the tourist crowd and passing a portico that borders the entrance, you are suddenly immersed in the silence of Campo del Ghetto Nuovo where there is the red bench: the only pawnshop in Venice, last testimony of a world now lost.

“Wandering between the Ghetto and the Cannaregio district means immersing yourself in another Venice where you can hear the ticking of your steps echoing through the streets”.

Venice from above

Venice grants to be admired from various points of view: from bridges and canals, from sidewalks and boats, but if you want to be amazed, you have to aim high.

The beautiful Scala Contarini del Bovolo is certainly a masterpiece of architecture, for 5 Euro you will climb the spiral staircase, where you will open a beautiful view over the rooftops of Venice.

But the best view can be enjoyed from the bell tower of San Marco, where you can admire from around one hundred meters the Island of San Giorgio , the underlying Piazza San Marco and, if it will be a day without haze, the eye will manage to reach the mountains that in the distance frame the landscape.

Authentic Venice: the market

For a full immersion in city life, there is nothing better than a visit to the local market: the Rialto market . Quoted in many guides, it still manages to maintain its genuineness while preserving the true soul of Venice. Here the customers and the merchants seem to know each other and among the shouts of the sellers who encourage customers to purchase, the Venetian dialect will seem like another language. Adjacent to the fish market, there is the colorful fruit and vegetable market, where some of the products sold come directly from the nearby island of S. Erasmo : the vegetable garden of Venice.

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