Noventa: an itinerary between villas and nature

Noventa is a small town in the Veneto region that is only a few kilometers from Treviso and Venice, but it is not only because of the proximity to these two beautiful cities that I speak of it, but for the beauties it contains, fascinating villas and nature itineraries are just two of the many reasons to visit it.

What are the 5 most beautiful things to see, to explore and especially that I recommend visiting in Noventa?

Villa Lucatello

The villas here in Veneto appear as mirages almost everywhere. Villa Lucatello, in elegant composite style is a testimony. I stopped for a long time to observe it, imagining people dressed in clothes from other times that flocked to the villa for the dance, are the renaissance elements that characterize it to have made my dreams fly in times past.

How to get to the villa: indications from GoogleMap

The river park

The river park is located in an area where until the eleventh century there was a port founded by the Venetians, a place rich in history that intertwines with a fascinating nature. Stroll along the Piave near its mouth, where the waters of the river slow down is exciting in any season. I visited the park in the fall and the shades of the thousand leaves that changed color at that time had created a very impressive colorful carpet.

Villa Ca’Zorzi

It is interesting to know the story, it is beautiful to see. In this nineteenth-century villa lived the famous poet and essayist Giacomo Ca’Zorzi, known by his nickname Giacomo Noventa. The building is located right in the center of the city and from the large green space that surrounds it you can also admire its beautiful barchessa.

How to get to the villa: indications from GoogleMap

The Bridge of boats

Going along the provincial road to Fossalta di Piave you get to the Piave river where you have to pass over the characteristic bridge of boats to get over it. When I crossed it I was amazed that floating bridges like this could still exist.

Very beautiful the surrounding landscape and if you like photography, this is a spot that I recommend especially at sunset when the dim light accompanies the placid movement of the river.

Church of San Mauro Martire

This church is very beautiful and worthy of a visit, even if only for the valuable decorations of its interiors or for the unique hedge that surrounds it. It is located in the central square of Noventa and its bell tower in the area is second only to that of San Marco. It is visible already in the distance but it is when you are in front of it that you can fully enjoy its majesty.

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Where to sleep

As I told you, Noventa as well as having a lot to offer is also a starting point for exploring the surrounding area. I found great offers for renting apartments on Noventa Apartments . Using one of these apartments as a base, I visited Venice, wandering through streets and canals and Treviso, with typical tastes and flavors, itineraries of a region that always amazes me for all it has to offer.

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